Plastic straws suck. simple.

One person using strawbit can save up to 584* plastic straws from entering our oceans and landfill each year.

Time to do #strawbit...

  • eco-friendly silicone

    Strawbit is made from environment and body friendly materials

  • always carry with you

    Wear it, keep it in your bag or on your keychain, Strawbit is always with you

  • reuse without cleaning

    Thanks to Strawbit's hydrophobic coating and silicone sleeve, it rarely needs cleaning


How do I open strawbit?

Out of the (recyclable) box,  you effortlessly slide open the magnets (note SLIDE them, don't pull them as they're very strong.)

Is strawbit adjustable?

YES!! there's a video here showing how to adjust.

I can't find my straw!

Sometimes when it ships, the straw is hidden deep in the bracelet. Hold one end and give it a wiggle.

Buy Reusable Straw inside a Bracelet by Strawbit | Patented Design

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