Reusable Straw inside a Bracelet by Strawbit | Patented Design

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Strawbit Presents - The Reusable Straw In A Bracelet

You heard right! Portable, compact design, ecofriendly and reusable! Wear it & carry it always, keep it in your bag or on your keychain. Magnetic snap on clasp and bendable straw. The elegantly designed bracelet which carries your straw, is super easy to take on and off with a compact magnetic clasp, that keeps the bracelet firmly locked around your wrist! 

Unique Patented Design - Healthy and Safe to Reuse

Silicone is made from environment and body friendly materials. Non-Plastic. Reuse without cleaning thanks to Strawbit's hydrophobic coating and silicone sleeve, it rarely needs cleaning. We invented and designed Strawbit with hydrophobic coating to reuse without very little cleaning + your FREE Cleaner can assist with ongoing cleaning. Healthy and safe to reuse. Biodegradable material Recyclable and perfect replacement for plastic, bamboo, metal / aluminium straw.  We recommend to clean it once after every 5 uses.

Save Our Seas - 25% charitable donation

We invented and designed Strawbit and make sure your donations get to the right place. The reusable straw in a bracelet. Just you using Strawbit can prevent 584 plastic from entering our oceans and landfill this year alone. For every Strawbit you buy, we donate 25% to cleaning up the ocean.

Always Carry With You 

Our magnetic clasp makes taking Strawbit on and off easy... and fun. Wear it, keep it in your bag or on your keychain, Strawbit is always with you. Sitting inside a sturdy bracelet, carrying it with you super simple! Drink - from a glass, bottles, cups, tumblers and use it with anything from smoothies, milkshakes, slushies, cocktails, water, whether the glass is big or small and the liquid thick or thin the Strawbit works with everything! 

Support Change

Our Straw is designed to reduce the negative plastic dependence and impact on the environment. And unlike other reusable straws, ours is bendable and adjusts for any user, especially benefiting the disability community who have not benefited from static, tough and un-bendable straws.